Being Mindfully Present through Movement

Jill w "Crockett"...a service dog in training in Jack's yoga class.  Crockett loves "down dog"!

I've always been an active person - swimming and biking - as well as having a daily yoga home practice. So when I look for a yoga class I want something more than the physical aspects of yoga. I want something with a spiritual side and a sense of community.  I don't need yoga to competitive, I want it to be nurturing and contemplative.

It's been about seven years since I first started the Sunday morning classes that Jack taught at ACAC MindBody.  Jack is a brilliant teacher, knowledgeable, witty, and occasionally, humble. His classes are rigorous enough and also integrate the spiritual side, as well as some of the history of yoga. His choice of music is relaxing and stimulating, as the moment seems to require. I always leave his classes relaxed, energized, and thoughtful.

​ Jack's practice has continually evolved, but the yoga style he teaches ~ integrating the physical and the spiritual ~ remains the same. Most currently he has been integrating different types of hatha yoga and t’ai chi and qigong into his classes, but his wit and obvious love of teaching remain a constant.

- Jill Trischman-Marks

Jack is a profoundly gifted teacher.  I have been so inspired by his Anusara and hatha yoga classes at ACAC, that I rarely missed its early Sunday morning experience for over 5 years. He incorporates a truly integrated mind/body yoga experience, with exquisite music, meaningful poetry, quotes, humorous anecdotes, and of course, a flowing progression through the many yoga methods he has studied, including classic &  contemporary yoga postures, that always leaves me feeling more balanced, relaxed, open, strengthened, inspired, and connected to myself and others in a powerfully present way.

​ As both an aging athletic person with a regular meditation practice, and a nurse/clinical social worker devoted to health and mind-body balance, my life, work, and relationships have all been deeply enhanced through the years in Jack's yoga training, focused on developing awareness, alignment, and an attitude of excellence, compassion, acceptance, and generosity in every class. It is truly an experience not to be missed!

- Barbara (Bobbi) Grant Llewellyn, RN, LCSW   


Jack and I have practiced yoga together for many years.  He has studied with a variety of gifted teachers, and has evolved into a thoughtful, warm, and skilled teacher, distilling his learning into his own unique style.

Jack brings something different into each class, whether it is a way of approaching a particular pose, or a verse from yoga scriptures to be appreciated.  I look forward to taking his classes and to learning something new each time.

- Christine Tucker, PhD Certified Yoga Teacher  

I have had the honor and pleasure to know Jack as both student and teacher of yoga.  As a student, his enthusiasm for practice and unwavering dedication to yoga was contagious.  It is not so different as a teacher.

Jack’s style of teaching is intelligent, playful, and devotional. He creates a space for students to practice yoga that is not about the asana (postures), though he is not afraid to challenge his students to do things they never thought they could before, but more about what one is experiencing while participating in the process of yoga.

His teaching incorporates mindfulness, playfulness, loving kindness and dedication to practice, whatever practice that may be for his students.

  - Jennifer Elliott, E-RYT-500, Founder & Director
Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School & Ashtanga Studio

In addition to knowing and practicing yoga, Jack Weber is a tremendously gifted teacher.  Knowledge is important --- but being able to impart ones knowledge to others takes a different skill set.    Jack has extensive knowledge of yoga and he is also a wonderful teacher.

​ - Ed Brownfield

​I discovered the practice of yoga in my 30’s and nearly forty years later, it continues to play a central part in my life.

With the inspired guidance of teachers such as Jack Weber, I continue to find more and more meaning in yoga’s sense of physical well-being and deep comfort from its philosophy.

Jack’s teaching is multi-layered and always so gently tempered with deep compassion for everyone.  Every class has a freshness that makes continued study such a pleasure.  

Sue Knapp-Steen

I have been practicing yoga with Jack Weber for over ten years now.  Jack has been a guiding force for me not only in my personal practice, but also as a fellow teacher.  His warm and inviting leadership instills a love of the practice for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner. 

Jack offers a playful but precise approach to each and every pose, and I always walk away with having learned something new from his insights.  Gentle in his teachings yet firm in his directions, Jack stands out as a natural leader for anyone who has a desire to learn.

- Melissa Creighton

  Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Years ago, when I joined Jack’s Sunday yoga class, my practice seemed to move from what had been simply a flow of  “physical” asanas to a deeper, more inner dimension reached by way of the asanas.   It could have been his gathering us in by focusing on a light-filled theme for the session and ongoing reminders of it, or the faithfulness to breath (magic), or guiding us in the different energies of yoga, not to mention caring so much that we moved nearer our “edge.”  In any case, the practice for me was prone to little flashes of connectedness, like getting a tiny glimpse of the “divine within”… and, I would add, “the divine among.”   He would and still does, invite us to dedicate our practice to another who could use good thoughts coming their way, a practice that never fails to move one’s heart.

In fact for years, I have called these sessions “Jack’s Church,” not meaning religious but a heart-opening that just organically happens.  He has made an art form out of choosing lines from a poem or various sacred texts, or playing chants/music that perceptibly lift the heart and occasionally bring even a little sting of a tear to the eyes; and for me at least, this tiny event launches what I call a chemical cascade, a sort of release in the body, and again, a heart-opening.Add to all that the wonderful sense of humor and of community among the group, many becoming friends and having gatherings outside of class.  It’s great to have him back at ACAC, and to have notice of those times as well as access to wonderful resources on this website.

- Lynda Fanning 

Jack’s wisdom, kindness, and giving spirit as a yoga teacher have had a deep and lasting impact on me. His classes have been especially powerful during times of transition in my life. I could count on leaving his class feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared to begin my week, facing the next set of challenges wholeheartedly. As my body became more flexible, so did my mind and spirit.

Jack taught me a new kind of balance in my life as a reflection of our yoga practice. I came to understand striving and surrender as two sides of the same coin. I learned to firm my muscles while softening my heart. I could sit with the fierce desire of ambition, while remaining open to grace. This new awareness led to many happy discoveries both on and off the mat. Rooting down through my foot in tree pose, arms outstretched overhead, I learned to forgive my own trembling in the wind and instead found joy in the gentle swaying of my branches, in the sprouting of my own tender green shoots. At times I would have a few minutes to speak with Jack after class. He said something that has stayed with me: “Keep reaching out.”

- Laura Wooten