With the inspired guidance of teachers such as Jack Weber, I continue to find more and more meaning in yoga’s sense of physical well-being and deep comfort from its philosophy.

           - Sue Knapp-Steen

Strengthen your body

   Lengthen your spine

     Open your heart

Practicing SloFloYoga will help . . .

My two sons and I ​began training for and racing triathlons a year ago.  Three months ago I began taking Jack's yoga class weekly.  I can say, without a doubt, that its been the best thing for my overall fitness.   All of my "personal records" have come the day of the yoga class, or the day following. 

My younger son, Blaze, 14, took his first class today and loved it!  Both as a Triathlete and as a chiropractor, I'd recommend Jack's yoga classes to all.

​-  Brian Prax

Being Mindfully Present through Movement

Photo of Sue by Sandy Geis

F​​ocus your mind

   Lighten your life

      O​vercome limitations